What we do

ArcTouch started 10 years ago by developing apps for the iPhone. Today, our team of dreamers, thinkers, and builders create software-based experiences for a range of connected things:

  • websites;
  • chatbots;
  • voice assistants;
  • smart tvs;
  • smart cars;
  • wearables;
  • handhelds.

How we work

We build digital products and create brand experiences that represent you.
Your product. Your company. Your audience.

  • Strategy
    Our process of building great products starts in our workshop. We start by listening and let that shape our design process, with our clients as partners every step of the way.
  • Experience design
    Great product design creates an experience that deepens users’ connections to your business and brand. Our goal for design is to create an experience that provides both utility and delight.
  • Engineering & QA
    When it comes time to start writing code, we aim to do the simplest thing possible in the shortest amount of time to deliver the most business value — rather than trying to do everything at once.
  • Growth
    Whether it’s a phone or tablet app, a Facebook Messenger chatbot, or an Alexa Skill, once the first version of an app is published, the hard work is just beginning. The growth phase begins.